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Corporate/In-House Counsel Services

Inhouse-Counsel-SignWe have the unique advantage of having numerous years of in-house counsel experience as Senior Corporate Counsel & Healthcare Compliance Officer and Vice President & General Counsel for two global companies.  Our team is uniquely positioned to quickly understand the practical needs of your business to move projects ahead efficiently without over-lawyering.

We are open to flexible engagements that are tailored and suited to your company’s needs.   Whether it is to cover a short term vacancy or to provide cost-effective coverage of certain parts of your business, our in-house counsel expertise is available to you.  We offer flexible billing options depending on the project.

The areas we are most frequently consulted on are:

  • internal compliance investigations
  • marketing & advertising review
  • competition law matters
  • contract review and drafting standard form precedents
  • access to information requests
  • launch of new products
  • negotiations with governments/regulators